Have you ever notice how the registration number of vehicles do change it colour in the tracking portal? When you log into the portal it was initially black after which it then changes into green, red, blue or yellow at times. As a matter of facts the changing colour of the vehicle’s registration number is an indication of it online status and activities. Notice the varying colour in the screen shot of the tracking portal below:-

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BlackThis is the default colour of every registration number that appears when a user log into the tracking portal, after a while, it begins to change into another colour. It is also an indication that signifies an “Offline Status”. If after a while (like 2 – 3 minutes) the vehicle still retains the black colour, it shows that such vehicle’s activities cannot be ascertained by the tracking device. One reason why the black colour may occur may be as a result of fluctuating internet connection of the internet enabled device which is being used for the tracking exercise. It is normal for vehicles that have been parked for a long time or had their batteries removed to display this colour code. However, if vehicle is in used and still display the black code in their registration number, the tracking device of such vehicle need to be checked.


BlueThe blue colour does not only tell us that such vehicle is online, but also in motion. When a vehicle with the blue colour as displayed by the registration number is being clicked on, it shows the ignition status as “ON”, the speed of the vehicle and the current vehicle’s location when clicked upon. It is pertinent to note that the vehicle’s movement will not be displayed on the map; however there will be a frequent change of the vehicle’s location. If a user wants to view the playback of the vehicle’s routine, such user will run the “Historical Playback” of the vehicle which will display the needed query.


GreenA vehicle whose registration number shows the green colour signifies that it is “Online”. Most of the vehicles that display this code are always parked and never in motion; else they would have been in colour blue.  When clicked on, their current position is being displayed with information bearing their location, time and date, total mileage and the current day’s mileage as well as their ignition status which is always off. A user whose vehicle shows this colour is rest assured that such vehicle can be tracked and it report can be generated.


RedJust like the general indication of the red colour which signifies danger, the registration number of a vehicle automatically turns red when any of it alarms is being triggered, irrespective of the fact whether it is on motion or not. For a user to identify what kind of alarm is being triggered, such user will run the “Alarm Record Report” on the tracking portal.  BY default, a configuration has been made to alert user when an alarm is being triggered. On the tracking portal, the triangular alarm symbol will blink continuously followed by a sharp siren sound until such vehicle as been attended to.  To cancel the triggered alarm, a user is required to click on the registration number of the vehicle involved. (Click here to read more about alarms)


YellowIt is pertinent to note that the Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) make use of both the GPS and GSM technology for it tracking activities. As a result of the instability of the service provider, users may occasionally not get the real time information of their vehicle. When a vehicle displays the yellow colour, it indicates a fluctuation of service by the GSM technology used by the tracking device. This is either due to the fact that the vehicle entered an area with poor network reception or maintenance of service by the network provider. When this event occurs, vehicle’s information is not lost but being obtained, stored by the tracking device. As soon as the vehicle moves into an area with a better network coverage, the data is being transferred to the VTS server while the vehicle registration number changes it colour. The vehicle’s activities during this period can then be obtained when a report is being queried.