Every fleet manager aspires to reduce the cost of fleet operation, private car owner are also interested in the maintenance of their vehicle especially when handled by a paid driver or when it accessible to family and friends for use. Alarm notification is an important part of this mandate. In continuation to the last publication (click here to read last publication) on the various alarms received and their interpretation, we shall continue with the alarms stated below:-


car-speedometer-fast-wallpaper-2As the name implies, the tracking device uses the GPS to monitor the actual speed and gives sound / flashlight alarms when the speed is being exceeded. An alert is also being received through the Short Message Service (SMS) and the e-mail. Speed constitute a larger percentage of road accident; resulting to loss of lives, asset and shipment (for haulage companies). Speed can be fully controlled by installing the speed-limiter which will restrict speed to the set limit. (Click here to read about speed limiter).


drowsydriving“Not Drunk, Not Speeding But Tired” is the report used to present an accident which occurs as a result of “sleep Driving”. Some private cars owners do fall victim to this incident and a few has led to serious casualty as unfortunate drivers either plunge into a deep ditch or drive into an on-coming truck. Haulage drivers who sometimes get drowsy after a long driving period and may likely be involved in an accident. The tracking device has the ability to sense irregular driving activities such as fluctuating speed, prolonged acceleration and harsh vibration which occurs as a result of collision, then triggers an alarm notifying of such danger. It is pertinent for fleet manager to call their driver upon the receiving such notification.


car-pollution (1)Idling is running a vehicle’s engine when the vehicle is not in motion. This commonly occurs when drivers are stopped by the traffic light, waiting while parked outside a bank or business residence; with the intention to move at the sight of the traffic police, or otherwise stationary with the engine running. When idling, the engine runs without any loads except the engine accessories. Engine idling produces several pollutants that are detrimental to human health and such practice is not fuel-economical. Vehicle owners may be careful about this but some drivers don’t care about this. The tracking device can record and instantly report such driving behaviour.


downloadAs the name implies, it notifies users of event in which the vehicle is parked. Comprehensive report can then be obtained be generating the “Parking Report” which record every event such as; parking location, duration and time. Fleet drivers can be prevented from being arrested or getting their haulage stolen by parking at the wrong location. The alarm can also be used to provide help for vehicle(s) who at parked at awkward places (on the express-way) and stranded with no clue of making communication.


Driving behaviour such as; harsh acceleration, harsh break, illegal start and fuel alarm can also be sensed and notify by the tracking device. These alarms only triggers when activated by the users and also functions as a result of the tracking device being installed. For enquires on the activation of these alarms, call us on 08039145801 or 08102181189. You can also send a mail to or

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