A recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on road traffic deaths in selected African countries says Nigeria accounts for the highest fatalities with 33.7 percent per 100,000 population every year. The report also claims that road accident is the third leading cause of death in Nigeria. This places Nigeria as having the second worst traffic fatalities in the world.  Between 2006 and 2013, the FRSC recorded 41,118 deaths from road accidents in Nigeria. The 2014 FRSC report highlights that about 7,924 injury cases were recorded in the first quarter, 7,663 in the second quarter and 7,093 in the third Quarter. Of all these fatal injuries recorded in the report, about 1,848 persons lost their lives in the first Quarter, 1,406 in the second quarter and 1,176 death cases in the third quarter.

The Federal Road Safety Commission has introduced and implemented the installation of the electronic speed limiter on every commercial vehicle so as to reduce the rate of accident caused by speed, this did not leave private vehicles out of the exercise as safety is meant for every road user. 
Speed LimiterElectronic Speed Limiter is a micro-controller based electronic unit, which maintains the vehicle speed at the preset speed. It was developed to improve safety by controlling the top speed of vehicles, thus reducing serious accidents. The basic function of the system is to limit the maximum speed of a vehicle to a preset level. The speed limiter can be fixed in any type of vehicle; cars, buses, trucks and it offers a variety of benefits to vehicle owners, fleet managers, drivers and passengers. The following are the benefits one tend to derive from the installation of the device:-

  • Increased Road Safety.
  • Ensures safety of assets on haulage.
  • Reduced strain on engines, thereby increasing the life of engines.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Reduced pollution & thus improved environment.
  • Reduced maintenance cost for the vehicle owner(s).  


We are  fully licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and we have been accredited by the Federal Road Safety Commission to install the Electronic Speed Limiter. Our Speed Limiter is durable and has been tested for quality and performances. We have well experienced and trained engineers to carry out the Installation in Trucks, Buses, Jeeps, cars and other types of Vehicles. Our Installation Services are cost effective and we also provide maintenance services.

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