vehicle-tracking-systemThe Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) refers to the method in which the location of Vehicle is being determined, with it journey activities being recorded. It involves the usage of some software and devices which helps to present the location of the vehicle on an electronic map via the internet, which can be viewed using an internet enabled device.


What is A Vehicle Tracker?

A vehicle tracker is a monitoring device which helps to locate the position of the vehicle anywhere within the boundary of the GPS. It also helps to generate, process and record vehicle’s activities. These data are being stored in the server  of the vehicle management
service (VMS) provider. However, Salcommstrackers  create an access login  to customers to access these data for use in  fleet management.
Salcommstrackers ensures that you locate and monitor your vehicle(s) activities using the computer and also developed an application for tracking on android and Java phones. Click here to download Android App

Solutions Offered By Salcomms VTS

1. Accurate Vehicle Positioning Due to Superior Coverage
Our vehicle tracking device uses the GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) network – the most extensive, reliable and fastest growing communication network currently available to the vehicle tracking industry. The use of a “Dual Sim Card” GPS tracking device ensures 100% accuracy in the determination of vehicle positioning according to “Real Time”
The GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology employed by our comprehensive fleet management package combined with the dual-sim tracker provides the user with pinpoint accuracy in the monitoring of their fleet.


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2. Comprehensive Fleet Management
The Comprehensive Fleet Management package is a product that aim to assist the fleet managers in achieving greater productivity. Salcomms’ fleet management system provides the followings:-
 – The creation and management of geo-fences (user-defined areas)
 – Route Mapping and management
 – Trip Event Report
 – Delivery Note Report
 – Historical Playback on all travelled routes
 – Management reports
 – Driver Behaviour Management
 – Vehicle Management

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Why Salcomms?

Salcomms Trackers is a NCC licensed company and also a promoter of GPS trackers. We specialize in offering GPS Automatic Vehicle Locators, Vehicle Speed Limiter, Fleet Management Services, and Software Solutions. Our advanced research and development allows us to offer not only adequate tracking solutions but the establishment and running of fleet management system which can also be offered on customer’s customized tracking software applications .